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Welcome to Crossroads

Thanks for joining us this morning! We're in the middle of a series on the Sermon on the Mount! This a whole collection of some of Jesus' most radical teachings found in Matthew 5-7.

About this series: You are an unceasing being with a destiny in God's good universe. What if the best way to prepare for your eternal existence is learning how to really live from our master and teacher, Jesus?

We begin our series on the Sermon on the Mount this Sunday! In the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7), Jesus masterfully answers questions that we all ask, such as...
1. What is reality?
2. Who is really "well off"?
3. What does it look like to live well.

If you're joining us online, you may wish to download and print a journal. The journal has space for sermon notes, a reading plan, and study questions. If you would like one sent to you, let us know in the chat in the Communication Card at the bottom of this web page.

Family Summer Tour Events

Crossroadians are invited to the events in our Family Summer Tour! These events are designed to bring families and friends closer together. We have a range of events like bowling, skating, and swimming! For the most part, bring money for food and events unless otherwise stated.

August 28th, 6:30pm - Back-to-School Worship Night at Crossroads!

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