April 30-June 5

Who is Jesus? Those who are new to the Christian faith and those who have been life-long followers of Jesus never cease to ask this question. To help us discover answers, the book of Hebrews has a special way of explaining who Jesus is by comparing him with roles and figures that would have been well known to the culture in that time.

Just as the world had an expectation for a Messiah that was different than the Son that God sent, let’s ponder together where our own expectations of Jesus come from, and how in light of those, he might be truly incomparable.

If you join us in person, grab a journal from the back of the worship center to aid you in your study. If you join us online, feel free to download it or scroll down to see the week’s information.

Week 4 - May 15-21

This week, ready Hebrews 7 and John 10-12. What do you notice about faith in Jesus? For our practice this week, try to memorize Hebrews 4:12-16. Hiding God's word in our heart is a great way to keep the Word of God close.

Study Questions. Melchizedek is a mysterious figure who appears and disappears abruptly in Genesis 14:18-20. The point here is that Jesus' role as priest is higher than any others that came before. Prior to Jesus, approaching God would be mediated through priestly sacrifices. What do you know about priestly sacrifices to the sin of people? (Read Leviticus 1-7 for further study).
In what ways has Jesus fulfilled the priestly duty?

Week 3 - May 8-14

Read Hebrews 4-6 and John 7-9. What do you notice about faith in Jesus?

This week we are practicing the discipline of silence. Take ten minutes a couple times this week to quiet the noise around you and push against the need to fill the space.

Study Questions for Hebrews 4. What difference should the view that the word of God is living and active make in our relationship with God?
Study questions for Hebrews 5-6: Spiritual formation consists of training. This isa process of growing from "bottle-fed" to "solid food." In thinking of your own journey, how would you describe where you are? How does the warning of falling away act as a reminder to live a "with-God" life as a present reality?
The life with Christ is not overshadowed by fear, but rather founded on the trustworthiness of God's character and truth of God's revelation in the person of Jesus. how does hope in the work of Christ provide an anchor for the soul?

Week 2 - May 1-7

Read Hebrews 2-3, and John 4-6 this week. Note what you notice about faith in Jesus. This wee we are practicing a breath prayer. You can use any verse, but we suggest Psalm. Breathe in and prayer "The Lord is my Shepherd." Breathe out and pray "I shall not want." Try this a couple times a day and notice if you become more aware of God's presence in your life.

Study Questions for Hebrews 2-3. Why is Jesus crowned with glory and honor? Is it a challenge to think of Christ as being tested (2:18)? In what ways was Jesus able to overcome the testing.
What difference does is make that the author calls us "holy partners in a heavenly calling"? How can one have a heart that turns away from the living God?

Week 1 - April 24-30

Read Hebrews 1, and John 1-3 this week. Take note of what you notice about faith in Jesus.
This week, we are practicing rest. Intentionally seek to get 30 more minutes of sleep at least three times. As you enter rest, pray for God to equip you with the necessary energy for the day's activity.

Study questions for Hebrews 1: What are the reasons the writer gives for Jesus to be far above the angels? Why is Jesus crowned with glory and honor?

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