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A place for your family to learn, grow, and rest in Jesus.


Inviting people to APPRENTICESHIP to Jesus:
learning to live by FAITH, transmit HOPE, and be known by LOVE.



In an attempt to describe who we are, we fall under an archetype of an every man mentor.

The Everyman: Motivated by providing a sense of belonging to every person. This type seeks to be welcoming and accessible, offering support and sincerity. It is the belief of The Everyman that every person matters equally, regardless of status, age, ethnicity, gender, or role. In this way, The Everyman creates a safe space where any person can feel free to be themselves.

The Mentor: Motivated by encouraging others to be the best version of themselves. This type is fueled by empowering others towards true growth through wisdom and a deep sense of rooted trust. The Mentor seeks to be a rising tide that lifts all boats, and is objective, accountable, and a great judge of character.


We seek to be a place where every person feels welcomed and loved as well as challenged to be the best version of themselves by following Jesus. We strive to be accessible to every person, offering support and sincerity alongside empowering wisdom that comes from God. As The Everyman Mentor, we are calling up the people in Lima and beyond to not just believe in Jesus but put His teachings into practice in everyday ways.

We also have a heart for serving others, we find joy and fulfillment in relieving the pain of others and sharing with those in need. We strive to be selfless, kind, self-sacrificing, and generous with our time, energy, and resources.

People are welcome where they are and invited into a joy-filled and meaningful life as we put Jesus’ teachings into practice.

To learn more, please click on the following links:   Apprenticeship Page

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While we do not have a traditional “membership”, we invite people to Covenant Partnership. “Covenant” is a Biblical term for our relationship to God and one another. “Partner” says “we are on this journey together.” As Covenant Partners, we profess together, worship together, serve together, and promise to act in unity, purity and peace of Christ. We belong to one another. If you want more information in becoming a Covenant Partner, please reach out to Pastor Brian or email Pastor Brian.

Baptism is an outward expression of your inward decision to follow Jesus. If you would like to learn more about baptism or are considering being baptized, please let us know in the connection card in the chair in front of you or email Catie (Communication Director).

The process of Christian Spiritual Formation is the gradual inner transformation of out heart to the image of Christ. As we cooperate with the Spirit of God, we engage in various soul-shaping practices and invite all Crossroadians to do the same. Known as our “framework of formation”  these practices give shape to the rhythm of our fellowship.

There are many ways to Connect and Grow here at Crossroads.

Serve on a Team:

  1. Worship & Tech
  2. Crossroads Kids &  Students
  3. Welcome & Hospitality
  4. Ministry of Helps

Join a Life Group: that is specific to your life style and age range

Check out our Events Page for opportunities to get to know others in our church family and see upcoming events!


Whether you have small children or your children are having children, we invite you to join us for our events. We strive to develop intergenerational relationships. We are all at different stages of life which can benefit from others who have “been there, done that”. What a blessing to mentor and be mentored by others as we walk this journey together.

Our children join us for worship in song as apart of their class time. This helps them cultivate a heart for worship and know they are a welcome part of our family now. If your kids do not want to attend class or are too young, we have space in the back of the worship center, if you would be more comfortable there.


We have a Nursery area available for Birth to 12 months.


We strive to be a place where families can grow and learn together. Crossroads Kids  is a place that we want kids to experience Jesus, friendship and their value. Our Sunday morning program from age 2 to 5th grade are centered on biblical stories that point to Jesus. These classes are available at both 9 and 10:45 services.


Crossroads Students is a safe place for middle and high school students to be accepted, challenged in their faith, and reminded as to who they are. Students meet in the Loft at 10:15am for breakfast with classes forming in the Chapel at 10:45am.

Throughout the year there are many activities available for kids and students. If you would like to learn more about upcoming events for Crossroads Kids or Crossroads Students, please reach out to Pastor Jake.

Email:  Pastor Jake

Do you like to take notes, look ahead for upcoming events, and/or do some study questions for deeper understanding of what God is stirring inside of you? The journals are a wonderful tool you can pick up to use to accomplish one of these things. Journals are available with each new series and are located in the back of the Worship Center.

Spiritual Reflection is “taking serious thoughts or consideration”.

Consider, starting EVERY morning reflecting on the day to come, ask for eyes to be opened to God’s presence in the seemingly mundane day to day circumstances.

Then before we turn in for the night, look back on the day  and see his blessings. Reflect on our words and actions. Spiritual Refection deepens and accelerates our relationship with God.




Brian Robertson
Brian Robertson

Lead Pastor 

Husband to Jeanna and father of five, Brian is our optimistic, visionary pastor. This California native feels at home in the midwest and enjoys it almost as much as he enjoys San Francisco Giants games.

Email Brian

Jason Hinkle
Jason Hinkle

Worship Pastor 

Husband to Katerina and father of two, Jason is our passionate worship pastor shown through music and drama. Jason plays the keyboard in different bands and enjoys finding creative ways of worship for our church community.

Email Jason

Jake Kline
Jake Kline

Family Pastor 

Husband to Brittany and father of three, Jake is our motivated family pastor. He is motivated to create atmospheres for young people to experience Jesus that grow into loving and caring adults. Jake likes to play golf.

Email Jake


Kristi Spencer
Kristi Spencer

Business Administrator

Email Kristi

Rachel Kroner
Rachel Kroner

Office Coordinator

Email Rachel

Catie Dunnick
Catie Dunnick

Media Director

Email Catie

Linda Dugan
Linda Dugan

Financial Assistant

Email Linda

Ashley Glick
Ashley Glick

Crossroads Kids Director

Email Ashley

Bob Gould
Bob Gould

Head Maintenance

Email Bob

Don Goodman
Don Goodman


Glenn Miller
Glenn Miller


Mary Sue Bolen
Mary Sue Bolen

Office Assistant


Crossroads is a part of the Church of God movement out of Anderson, Indiana. We gather as a community to discover who God is, who we are, and what He is calling us into. As apprentices to Jesus, we are learning a transformational way of living by walking in the steps of Jesus. Tap the button below to learn more about what we believe.

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