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2023 Sermon Series

Below is all the sermon series released so far this year.

Current Series: Cloud of Witness: Stories of Faith

James: A Call To Righteousness

Baptism & BBQ 2023




Sermon on the Mount

You are an unceasing being with a destiny in God’s good universe. What if the best way to prepare for your eternal existence is learning how to really live from our master and teacher, Jesus?

We begin our series on the Sermon on the Mount this Sunday! In the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7), Jesus masterfully answers questions that we all ask, such as…

- What is reality?
- Who is really “well off”?
- What does it look like to live well.

Baptism 2022

Celebrating the Baptisms of Ron, Dixon, and Logan Cudworth; Matt, Wyatt, and Sawyer Taylor; and Jonah Briggs!

Sermon on the Mount

You are an unceasing being with a destiny in God’s good universe. What if the best way to prepare for your eternal existence is learning how to really live from our master and teacher, Jesus?

In the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7), Jesus masterfully answers questions that we all ask, such as…
1. What is reality?
2. Who is really “well off”?
3. What does it look like to live well.

Practice that Shape Us

While we are not saved by works, different spiritual practices and disciplines can help become the people God has called us to be.


Who is Jesus? Those who are new to the Christian faith and those who have been life-long followers of Jesus never cease to ask this question. To help us discover answers, the book of Hebrews has a special way of explaining who Jesus is by comparing him with roles and figures that would have been well known to the culture in that time.

Just as the world had an expectation for a Messiah that was different than the Son that God sent, let’s ponder together where our own expectations of Jesus come from, and how in light of those, he might be truly incomparable.

Lent In Plain Sight

This year for Lent (the forty days leading to Easter), we're doing a book study together as a congregation! We'll be using a daily devotional called "Lent In Plain Sight" by Jill Duffield. This book leads us through ten ordinary objects that Jesus would have encountered on his way to Jerusalem and encourages us to find a deeper meaning in the Biblical narrative of Jesus' journey to the cross.


2022 Stand-Alone Messages

Stand Alone messages are messages that do not have a series associated with them.
1-2-22 - The Skill of Sustaining with Pastor Jake

2021 Sermon Series

Below is an archive of all the series released in 2021, working backwards from the most recent.

Why Faith Makes Sense
Renew Your Life



Graft: (v) to insert the bud of a plant in a groove, slit, or the like in a stem or stock of another plant in which it continues to grow.
In this series, we study what it looks like when we are connected to Holy Spirit and begin to bear his fruit.

The Gospel According To Mark

Throughout the summer, we're studying the book of Mark, where Jesus is described as the servant King. We hope to learn more about Jesus and how we can become humble servants ourselves.


Why Faith Makes Sense

Our life of faith is a mixture of faith and doubt. Over the next few weeks, we will honestly explore some of the reasons people have for doubting the goodness of God. We hope this new series will encourage your own journey of faith and also allow for fruitful conversations with the spiritually curious in your life.

Renew Your Life

During this series, we’re going to be studying “Renew Your Life” by Kai Mark Nilsen. In this vulnerable book, Nilsen walks us through life-giving spiritual practices that help us discover the grace of God. For anyone experiencing lack of energy and living in a place of exhaustion, this study helps us find the energy for life change in God's grace, build awareness to our design and link to creation, and connect with others.

Unfortunately, this book is out of print. We suggest that if you are able to, purchase the ebook from Amazon. Used and new versions of the physical book can be purchased on sites like Amazon and Ebay, but order them soon if you want a physical copy as shipping times vary.

Join us on Sundays in person at 9 & 10:45am or online at 10:45am for this series!


Can you see the invisible hand of God move behind the scenes of your life?

In this story of a normal girl becoming Queen of Persia, we discover how the invisible hand of God intervened to save not only her but her people from certain doom.

This is a story that will captivate you. But it is also a story that has the power to transform your mind and give you a much greater view of God.

Holidays & Miscellanous Sermons

2020 Sermon Videos

This is a collection of all the sermons in 2020 organized according to series. To explore all the messages in a series, click the arrow in the upper left hand of the video.

A Weary World Rejoices

If anything, 2020 has been weary. We all feel the impact of living in a pandemic year. With all the confusing information, it can easily be distracting, disheartening and exhausting.
But at the core of the Christian message, there is reason for rejoicing. Even when all around us is weary, we celebrate the reason for our rejoicing – the birth of our savior, Jesus Christ!
This advent, we're looking at the hope that we have in Jesus and how even in hard times, we can rejoice!


How would Jesus live your life if he were you?
To be transformed into Christ-likeness, or to grow to be like Jesus, is the life-long calling of a Christian. We sometimes see Christianity as a list performative do's and don't's, but Jesus's call to follow in his ways isn't a checklist - it's a heart transformation. Let's seek the ways of Christ together and discover what it means to be called!

Reel Theology: Understanding the Stories of Our Culture

The conversations of our culture can be found in the stories we share, which is why we want to take a look at some recent movies! We want to understand the conversations that our culture is having and see how the narratives coincide or conflict with the message of the Gospel.

2 Thessalonians

Life with God isn't easy, and Paul recognizes this in his second letter to the Thessalonians. In the midst of the hardship , their hope (and our hope) is steadfast in Christ which gives them the ability to be a praiseworthy church. One that people can boast about.

I Am

By studing the “I AM” statements, we can discover and understand the person of Christ in a way that will elevate our worship and devotion. We'll be studing what Jesus means when he says, "I Am..." in the book of the John.

The Way of Grace

"For in him we live and move and have our being."
We are sustained by grace. We're going to be learning together how we can recognize God's grace. When we recognize the surpassing greatness of God’s grace in our life, we learn to trust and walk more by faith.


As we seek to become faithful Apprentices to Jesus, one practical exercise is to study those who have paved the way of faith. We are energized by the stories of people who have risen above adversity and continue to pursue righteousness in the face of temptation. In a world that judges people by snapshots and soundbites, it is a good practice to dig deep into the lives of Godly people - hopefully to appreciate, what at first glance, we might miss.

This January, we invite you to walk with us through the life of Joseph in the Older Testament. Joseph, though he was mistreated and was the recipient of rage, resentment, jealousy and revenge, deliberately chose to overlook unfair offenses. Instead, he overcame obstacles and modeled the virtue of forgiveness - something that seems to have gone missing in much of our culture today. As we consider the ebb and flow of Joseph's life, we hope to learn how to live faithfully in the midst of a changing culture.

Holidays & Misc.

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