How Do I Get To Crossroads??

The Intersection at 309 and Thayer is closed June 1st - August 16th. Here how you can get to Crossroads!

What's up with the intersection?

The intersection at 309 and Thayer Rd will become a one-lane roundabout (similar to the one on Bellefontaine). This construction will take a couple of months to complete, but the hope is that the finished project will result in a safer intersection for the general community as well as the families who come to our church and daycare.

State Route 309 between Perry Chapel Road and Pevee Road, will close on Wednesday, June 1 for approximately 70 days. Coming from the east on Harding, you will need to take Lawrence Road to Clum Road to access South Thayer. If you’re coming from the west, you can take Bellefontaine (the intersection by McDonalds that goes behind Walmart and the Fair Grounds) to South Thayer. Give yourself some extra time in the morning to account for the longer drive.

Why A Roundabout?

Change can make people nervous, we get it! When the intersection opens back up in August, it will be a one lane roundabout. A roundabout works differently from an intersection because while an intersection takes turn, a roundabout only yields to the traffic that is in the circle. Take it extra slow the first few times to get use to it. We hope for fewer fatal accidents and an easier time getting through that intersection!

How To Use A Roundabout
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