Live by Faith

Learning to Live by Faith

Formation into Christlikeness takes time -- it is not something one experiences overnight.  Therefore, it is important that we are patient with ourselves and others along the way.  The point is not perfection or pretending.  Rather, to consistently grow in grace so that we experience the abundant and eternal life Jesus offers us beginning here and now.

Crossroads values families. Yet we know that we are only a small piece of the spiritual development of the kids and students who call Crossroads home. Our goal is to partner with parents in helping our kids feel loved as they begin to follow in the way of Jesus through Crossroads Kids and Crossroads Students.

Jesus regularly pulled away for times of refreshment and renewal.  We have set aside 25 acres with cabins for personal reflection and solitude.  Apprentices regularly spend time with God through Spiritual Practices such as silence, solitude, prayer, fasting and journaling.  Many have found the environment in the Deep Woods to be a helpful resource.


Spiritual Companions

Spiritual Formation Retreats are a way for us to intentionally carve out time and space to connect with God. They are structured in order to allow us to engage with material that helps our hearts be more formed in the image of Jesus while providing ample room for us to reflect and respond. The purpose of these retreats is not merely information, but to rattle our thinking and, at times, ask redemptively disruptive questions. Some of our Formation Retreats are held here on our campus – utilizing our Deep Woods – while others are offsite  

One of the realities is that our Apprenticeship is not done in isolation.  We are called to walk with others in our Apprenticeship.  We need one another.  One of the tasks of a Spiritual Companion is to “wake us up to what is really going on around us, to encourage us to take our eyes off ourselves and see that our world is not the only world…They allow us to borrow their eyes until we can see it for ourselves.” (Michael Card, The Walk: The Life-Changing Journey of Two Friends, p.29)