What Do We Do?

Below is a picture of what we are trying to create here at Crossroads Church, where you at home and the church are on the same page, striving for the same goals. Those goals are to develop the 4 characteristics of spiritual conversation, spiritual friendship, spiritual curiosity and spiritual discipline in your kids. It's important for us to operating on the same understanding of these characteristics, below is a short definition that will give meaning to each of these characteristics.

Spiritual Conversation - Intentionally creating space to listen to one another's understanding of life with Christ.
Spiritual Friends - Relationships with peers and adults who are advocates for spiritual maturity.
Spiritual Curiosity - Sparking awe and wonder around the mystery of God.
Spiritual Disciplines - Training children in the way of Christ.

How Do We Do It?
As a church we believe that the family is the primary influence for discipleship for kids and students. Crossroads strives to resource, equip and empower families to fulfill this role through two different ways:

1. Monthly Newsletter: Every month there is a newsletter that is full of useful information for families; from upcoming events to family activities to spark conversation around God and what he is up to. You can get this newsletter by following our Facebook page, or emailing Pastor Jake to sign up.

2. Weekly clues: Every week through Facebook, email or texting you can receive clues that will lead you to the story kids will learn about the next week, if families respond through Facebook, texting or email and are correct about the story their family name is entered into a drawing to win a monthly family prize! This allows families to introduce bible stories to their kids and have conversations around the big God story before they come to church on Sunday, where we as a church confirm the conversations you have had with your kids throughout the week.

What Can Kids Expect?

Love and acceptance through worship and interaction with the Crossroads community.

Where Do I Go?

Kids are dropped off and picked up at their designated environments.

For more information

To find out more about Crossroads Kids check out our Facebook page. To get involved contact Pastor Jake .