Courses And Retreats
Apprenticeship Courses
Apprenticeship Courses are 8-week courses intentionally structured to help integrate change in the lives of people. Courses are divided into three parts: information, integration; conversation.

The first half of the course will focus on information - helping to understand the key concept.

The second half of the course will focus on integration - seeking to integrate key concepts into practice and develop new/Christlike habits.

The third part of the course is conversation.

Each participant is asked to invite a spiritual companion to meet with them throughout the course helping to engage in redemptive conversations about what they are learning.

You can sign up for these Apprenticeship Courses on the Crossroads Group page.

Spiritual Formation Retreats
Spiritual Formation Retreats are a way for us to intentionally carve out time and space to connect with God. They are structured in order to allow us to engage with material that helps our hearts be more formed in the image of Jesus while providing ample room for us to reflect and respond. The purpose of these retreats is not merely information, but to rattle our thinking and, at times, ask redemptively disruptive questions. Some of our Formation Retreats are held here on our campus – utilizing our Deep Woods – while others are offsite.