Who we are and what we’re about…

At Crossroads, a community committed to following Jesus Christ reaches out with open arms to welcome and receive the weary, the broken, the wounded, the innocent, the seeker, the lost, the found, the scholar, the workaholic, the unemployed, the artist, the bean counter, the young, the old, the glad of heart. Our calling is to love them well, to echo God’s gospel of grace and hope, and to encourage and empower them for the journey of faith.

Our Identity

We are a community of sojourners in Christ committed to live by faith, to transmit hope, and to be known by love.

Our Mission

…to connect people with God, with the community of God, and with the mission of God to transform the world.

Our Covenant

to CONNECT ourselves with God through active life in the community
to GIVE our time, energy and resources to God through the community
to SERVE within the community and its mission beyond
to INVITE others into the shared journey and life with God
to LOVE well everyone that God loves