At the center of everything that we are and do is a moment each week when we gather to express our love to God and to hear him speak truth and love to us. We call this time the Worship Gathering. Worship at Crossroads is interactive.  We do not come together to be simply inspired or entertained. We raise our voices, our hearts, our hands in song and word, but we also sit in silence and listen to the God who desires to speak into our lives. We wait to receive a word of encouragement and hope, but we are also ready to give ourselves in love for our neighbor. We unite for a collective moment of worship each week, but we also scatter to continue worshiping God in the way we live.

Our worship center does not facilitate all of us at the same time, so we offer two opportunities to gather for worship.

Sunday morning @ 9:00 & 10:30am

The two gatherings are identical in style and content. The way we express our love to God in worship is not static or limited to a particular human style or preference.  The Crossroads worship experience can be characterized as warm, accepting, experiential, creative, diverse, genuine,  musically contemporary, and dynamic.