About Us

Who is Crossroads?

Our Story

Crossroads Church of God has been in the Lima, Ohio area for 100 years!  We have a rich history of serving the community, seeking to be a transformative agent.  Through the years, we have met in a storefront and small church buildings before settling into our current location at 775 S. Thayer Road.  

Who We Are

We are a community of people who are simply enthralled with Jesus.  We believe that Jesus contains “all of the treasures of wisdom and knowledge” (Col. 2:3) and are committed to learn from Him as our Lord.


Inviting people to Apprenticeship to Jesus; learning to live by Faith, transmit Hope, and be known by Love.


There is a growing vision around Crossroads: a vision of a community of people who are increasingly experiencing the transformational work of the Holy Spirit in their lives.  Jesus proclaimed that life with God was now available.  Jesus’ invitation was “come, follow me.”  The great invitation is to come to Jesus, watch and learn from him how to live our life under the reign of God.  Jesus’ invitation is to enter an apprenticeship relationship with him where we experience more of his grace and our character transforms to be the people we were intended to be.